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Silk is a natural fibre and therefore works with your body far better than synthetic quilts or pillows.  There are a number of ailments silk can assist in providing a peaceful, pain free nights sleep.  If you care for your family, wrapping them in a natural chemical free sleeping environment is one of the best things you can do for them.

Do you or your family suffer from allergies?
If you suffer from dust mite related allergies such as Asthma, Eczema or allergic rhinitis, changing your choice of bedding can reduce the effects of the allergy.  Dust mites often cause allergies as humans react to various proteins (allergens) contained in their droppings.  Silk beding is naturally hypoallergenic and is an enviornment dust mites find hard to thrive in.  Using silk quilts and silk pillows from The Silk Emporium, can significantly help reduce the number of dust mites lving in bedding, which makes silk quilts and pillows, ideal for allergy sufferers.
Joint & skin disorders? Silk can help

Dry skin & eczema - There are several kidns of amino acids which are produced through the silk, this allows the silk quilts and pillows to draw out moisture, allowing the skin to breath and not retain moisture throughout the night.  This can be a real help for Eczema and Dry Skin sufferers.

Osteoarthritis - Being warm and comfortable withouth having heavy bulky bedding over you is important to a good nights sleep, especially if you suffer from Osteoarthritis.  Our quilts weigh no more than 1200g.  Unlike down-filled quilts that are usually thick and bulky, with the fibres tednding to stick together.  The Silk Emporium quilts are soft and flexible, conforming to every contour of your body, meaning you will have no single points of pressure during your nights sleep.

Shingles - Shingles can be extremely painful and stop sufferers from sleeping, because our silk quilts are light and soft, you can get the warmth without the pressure points, meaning a better nights sleep is more achievable during this difficult illness.

Are you going through menopause and overheating?
The nature of silk floss allows it to breathe which assists in regulating your body temperature when you are sleeping.  This allows for a sleep without sheets being kicked off one minute and feeling chilly the next. 
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